This is a website follows the travels of  a stock car race fan with the hobby of chasing races.  Pictures on this website are from my personal collection.   HOME page photos are of drivers that I have gotten to know over the years. 

The story behind Chasin Racin:  

In the 1970's ABC TV network had the Wide World of Sports and I liked to watch the rebroadcast of NASCAR races.  Watching on TV is what planted to seed for me to enjoy the sport of auto racing and created the desire to go watch in person.  

My first visit to a race track was to watch a thrill show that was included in weekly racing program at the Raceway Park dirt track in South Sioux City, Nebraska near where a Walmart parking lot now sits.  My dad took a friend and I to this show when we were in Junior High School. 

1976 is when I started to attend races on a regular basis at Interstate Speedway (now called Raceway Park) in Jefferson, South Dakota.  This would be home track for the next few years before moving on to visit other race track's weekly shows in 1979.   In 1981 I added some late model specials to my race schedule.

Since then I have traveled all across the country to attend races from Perris Auto Speedway in Perris, California to Beach Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine.   

Over the years I have met a lot of people at the race track with this same enjoyment of auto racing and have become good friends with many of them.  

I used to go to the races with backpack containing a notebook, pens and camera.   I would take notes at every event I attended and many pictures of race cars from the grandstand view.  A few years ago I gave up taking notes as a majority of the tracks now have a website and I can do my recapping of what I watched by going to the web.  During those years that I was taking notes I submitted the results for several tracks to racing publications.

A friend and I teamed up for a short period to write a column called "On The Road Again", based on the experiences the two of us had chasing races.  

Now I enter a new phase of my chasing racing by starting this website.   I hope you enjoy your visit here.
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Race Friends Remembered 
Ed Strand October 1, 2008, who was a regular at Buena Vista Raceway and saved me a seat for many events at Alta since Dick Simpson reopened the track in 1980's.   

Andrea Daniels April 5, 2009, who attended many races with me in the late 1980's and early 1990's including a weekend trip to the 1st Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis and the All Star Sprint Tour event at Bloomington.

Homer Anderson December 20, 2009 , my brother-in-law's father also was in attendance at many of the race events I attended at Interstate Speedway, Crawford County Speedway and Blackbird Bend Speedway. 

Cretty Hardy January 4, 2010, the owner of the little hotel where I stayed when attending Florida Speedweek events over the past couple of  years and came along with me to a few events at Volusia Speedway Park to cheer on her friends, Freddy Smith and David McWilliams.

Princess May 8, 2010, this little Sheltie was a family pet and was excited to see me and any race friends whenever a racing road trip would take us to a track near my childhood home town.  

Grace Babcock June 22, 2010 at the age of 91, my mother and biggest supporter of my finding racing as a spectator interest and my hobby of keeping stats on the races I attend.  

Gary Storey September 23, 2010 the race chasing community lost one of their own.  Gary was a friend that over the years mentored me in my race chasing ideas.  Gary and I met up for several road trips as he introduced me to new race venues.  We will miss Gary's racing insight and also his great sense of humor.   

Mildred Krause September 14, 2010, a cousin but also a friend that I enjoyed visiting with when my travel plans passed through South Dakota.  

Doris Taylor October 27, 2010, when I left my comfort zone of Northwest Iowa to relocate to Central Iowa.  Doris was one of the first to reach out and make me feel welcome to my new surroundings.  

Jack Miles Sr December 9, 2010, the grandfather of one of my racing friends, who I enjoyed spending time visiting about NASCAR or racing action in the past in the Des Moines area.  

Robert E. Haase May 9, 2011, founder of Riviera Raceway in Norfolk, Nebraska.  His passion for racing was an inspiration to me.  He taught me many things about the promotional side of racing and how to score the races.  He provided me with my first opportunity to report his race track's results to a national publication. 

Dorothy A  Jenness April 23,  2013, a regular fan at the Buena Vista Raceway and sat in front of me many nights over the years.  Ed Strand and Dorothy were two of the greatest friends I have ever made at the races.  I will always remember and cherish the great times all of us that gathered each week in that section of the grandstand at Alta had over the years.  

Ray Houck July 30, 2014, the race director at Adams County Speedway.  Little did I know in May when I was sitting the stands at Stuart Speedway and visiting with Ray about racing in the area that he would be gone in a very short period of time.  In our visit he showed great passion for the future of Adams County Speedway and doing things that fans liked and would draw them back week after week.  

Wayne Pierce September 29, 2014, long time friend and sponsor for many years of Mike Benson's late models.  Wayne and his family played an instrumental part in my getting so very involved in racing.   I hitched many a rides to the races in my early years with the Pierce family to Riveria Raceway, Shelby County Speedway, Interstate Speedway and Buena Vista Raceway.  

Reta Litton December 14, 2014, very dear friend that I had the pleasure of crossing paths with frequently each summer attending races at Oskalossa, West Liberty, Farley, and Dubuque.  Took several race trips with the Littons to places like Freeport, LaSalle,  Pontoon Beach in Illinois; Lancaster in Wisconsin; Winston in Missouri; Greenwood in Nebraska; and Columbus in Mississippi. 

Terry Pesek March 25, 2015, Chasin Racin lost a good racing friend.   He was a loyal supporter and friend of Brian Beaudry and Steve Boley race teams.  

Jack Miles Jr
Mike Strand
Safely Home

Children, precious children
I know your're shaken
A loved one taken
Oh, but hear Me
Come, draw near Me
Their pain is past now
They rest at last now
Safely home
They are strong and free
They are safe with Me
This life is merely shadow
Today there's sorrow
But joy tomorrow
Safely home
They are strong and free
They are safe with Me
One day you will join them
All together
This time forever
Safely home
Words by Jon Mohr
2010 Brian Beaudry

2011 Steve Stewart
CJ Speedway 
Track Champion
2011 Justin Rattliff
2012 Paul Glendenning
2016 Deery Brothers Late Model Champion
Jesse Dennis
Kevin Stoa
Matt Moro

2013 Brian Beaudtry
2014 Jackson County Speedway Late Model Champion Brian Beaudry
Matt Moro
Kevin Stoa
2014 Paul Glendenning
I have lost some very dear race friends in 2008, 2009, 2010,  2011, 2013,  2014 and 2015  
Justin Kay
Ron Boyse
Mike Benson
2008 Dubuque Speedway Chamption 
Brian Beaudryy
Bill Baldwin.
2000 NASCAR O'Reilly All Star Tour Champion         Steve Boley
Jeff Johnson
David McWilliams
2010 Paul Glendenning
2012 Paul Glendenning 
2013 Paul Glendenning
2015 Paul Glendenning  
Doug Wolfgang
Don Weyhrich
2011 Paul Glendenning
Randy Ballard
2013 Paul Glendenning
Ricky 'Racer' Stephan
Jack Miles Jr.
Steve Boley
Bud Pasht.
2015 Brian Beaudry
2015 & 2016 Adams County Speedway 
Track Champion Paul Glendenning    
Dennis Elliott 2015 & 2016 I-35 Speedway Champion
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